The beginning

Hi there, whoever-is-reading-it!

Well, I decided to write a blog. Once I started one but it was filled with a retarded teenager's thoughts and opinions. Re-reading my old posts, all of them are ridiculous.
Now, this one's gonna be different. I don't think there is even one person on the entire world who would be interested in reading about my life- which is quite boring. Yesterday an idea just popped up in my head. What about writing a blog about different kinds of stories? I mean.. I love writing a lot- especially short stories. My best friend is into writing too- she wanted to be a writer so it's pretty understandable from her; and we usually write for/about each other. Now, I decided to share my stories with people who are interested. What would be a better place for that than the internet?
I have to state that every short story's gonna be independent from the others. They're all gonna be just on their own. 
Obviously, I have to get inspiration from something as well. My inspiration is- most of the time- my best friend and music. These two 'things' make me feel alive. 

First story: coming soon ;)