Character #1

Every story's gonna have at least two main people in it. Basically, they're gonna be the same. Now let's say a few words about each one. 

Character #1- Sophie

Well, her character is based on my best friend. Actually, she is my best friend. I could never wish for a better bff, she is the one. Sophie's kind, a bit quite but I'm sure her imagination is the biggest than anyone else's. She likes to read- especially Nicholas Sparks novels; when she has any ideas she writes and she's amazing in it, though it's hard to make her believe it. When she loves someone, she loves with all her heart and you better not mess with her, cause I'll PUNCH YOU IN DA FACE!!!!!!!! She's had two 'main' boyfriends: Matty and David. It's not because she couldn't have gotten more boyfriends but because she's not into one night stands but she likes planning her future. 

To sum it up, Sophie's beautiful- as you see it in the picture-, an amazing friend, a lovely girlfriend and a gorgeous person.

ps: and I love her so much!!!!