You've got the love

13/08/2013 22:47

                Sophie's P.O.V.

    The summer heat kept getting more and more unbearable so I decided to spend some time out of the house. And I did not mean spending time by the pool in the garden but at the beach instead. I’ve already asked the other members of my family if they wanted to join me. They surely did. Everyone was extremely excited about going to the beach- though we used to visit the coast quite often. The kids were always the happiest when I told ‘em to get their stuff because we were leaving. Well, Matty was usually happy as well- he was glad because the children were too.

                The preparing lasted quite long since I was always the one to pack the other’s bags as well. To sum it up, it was my task to pack four bags. Plus the food and drinks. But the blame is on me- I came up with the idea of going to the beach. Great job, Sophie!

“Mum! Can we finally leave?” my youngest (five years-old) little daughter came running towards me all dressed up in her sweet pink swimsuit- decorated by my dear friend, Liv of course. She was holding her cute heart-shaped sunglasses in her hands.

“Relax, Tam” I smiled at her as I put four towels into one of the bags “Let’s check on Patrick, Darling. Ask him if he needs any help”
“But I dun wanna help him” he cried out and snapped with one of her feet “I wanna leaaaaaave”
“Darling, don’t be like that” I bent down to face her. I placed one of my hands on her tiny face and stroke her cheeks “Your brother doesn’t know how to pack. You do. Please?” I smiled again. I knew that I would win her this way. She had to be needed.

“Fine” she sighed and walked out of the bathroom, straight towards Patrick’s room. I quickly finished packing the important stuff- such as towels, swimsuits, flip-flops, sun cream, cards, mattresses, some food and drinks. I grabbed the two bags that I packed- the other two were the children’s- and began to walk down the stairs.

“Let me help, babe” I heard Matty rushing towards me and quickly got the bags out of my hands.

“You’re ready?” I asked with a smile on my face as I was walking right beside him on the stairs.

“Sure. Well, I didn’t have to pack a thing” he winked at me. I didn’t have any time to answer; I heard my seven-years-old son’s footsteps from upstairs. He showed up soon, wearing his new, dark blue swimming pants.

“Dad!” he yelled “I can’t find my ball!”
“Tam surely knows where it is. Ask her, kido” Matty said as he turned his head.

“She doesn’t know either” he said with a really really sad face “But you know which one I’m talking about, don’t you?” he asked hoping that his dad’s gonna know.

“Umm” Matty hesitated “The little ball of yours, huh? With the basketball-shape?”
“Yeah! That one!” he smiled “So you know where it is??”
“Sorry, kido. I don’t” Matty shook his shoulders.

“Damn” Pat hissed and walked back into his room all sadly.

“OK. Now” I sighed standing in the huge living room of ours “You-“ I looked at Matty “Let’s change into swimming suit. You-“ I pointed at Tamara who was standing on the top of the stairs “Come down here, and bring your bag. And You, Mister-“ I almost shouted so Patrick would hear me too “Forget the ball and bring your stuff! We’ll get another ball, just let’s go now!” I sighed again. It was really making me tired to take care of the whole family.

“And you, beautiful-” Matty grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to his body “You need you relax”
“I am relaxed” I said shaking my head.

“Of course you are” Matty nodded and leant towards me to kiss me on the lips.


                The beach was amazing- as it usually was. The water was gorgeous, the sand was perfect and the sun was shining like it was meant to. Matty and I dropped our bags on the sand and he immediately got rid of his tank top and his shorts. The kids got ready in minutes as well. I was the only one left- still in my clothes because someone had to pack out the things.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Tamara grabbed the hem of Matty’s swimming pants and began to drag it.

“What’s the matter, princess?” he looked down at T’s excited face.
“Can we go into the water now?” she asked impatiently.

“Just a second, Tam” Matty nodded as he took a look at me, then added “I’m helping Mommy. You two can check the water” he smiled nodding towards the blueness.

“Thank you, Daddy” Tamara clapped their hands in excitement and began to run up to Patrick. The little girl grabbed his hands and dragged him into the water.
“What can I help you with, babe?” Matty winked at me and took the towels out of the bag.

“Umm” I hesitated “Hmm, give me a kiss” I smiled at him.

“With pleasure” he smirked at me and kissed me like he always does. Sweet. However, we arranged everything and I finally got the chance to brag with the new swimming suit of mine. I bought it a week ago with Liv and it was the first time I had the chance to try it. As I took off my white dress, I saw Matty almost drooling over me.

“Wow” he breathed out “You look gorgeous”

“Thanks” I smiled “Now let’s get to the kids” as I spoke, Matty took my hand and we walked on the sand, straight into the water where the children were playing.

“Mum! Dad!” I heard Pat calling out our names “C’mere! We’re here!” he kept waving at us.

“Yeah, see you, kido” Matty laughed.

“The water is excellent” Tamara stated as she appeared on the surface again. She was such a water-lover.

“Watch out, guys! The shark is coming!” Matty shouted as he jumped right towards the kids. They began to swim as far as possible while still screaming. I loved watching them fooling around. My lovely, handsome husband with my two wonderful children. Matty was keep chasing them- but letting them win of course. Sometimes he grabbed their legs or arms and dropped them into the water. They always reappeared on the surface with a huge smile on their faces. They enjoyed it really much.

“Mum!” I saw Tamara swimming up to me. Though she was only 5, she could swim better than a few of 10 years-olds.
“What’s it, Darling?” I asked taking her hand so she could rest.

“Can I get the mattress?” she asked gasping.

“Sure” I nodded and pulled the light pink object that I was holding in my hands, towards her. She climbed onto it easily and laid on it enjoying the sun. I watched the two guys of mine still chasing each other and pushing each other under the water as I saw- from the corner of my eye-my little girl relaxing.
“Muuuuuum! Muuuuum, help!” Pat cried out still laughing. I saw him getting closer to me- with his dad right after him.

“Daddy’s gonna catch me! Heeeeelp!” his voice was breaking by the laugh and it made me laugh as well. I held out my hand so he could reach it. I grabbed him and pulled him against my body.

“HAHA” he laughed into Matty’s face who almost caught Pat “Mum is safe haven!”
“She surely is” Matty placed his hands on my hips under the water and pulled us both closer to him. She gave me a soft kiss. And another one. And one more.

“Yuuuuuuk” I hears Tammy’s voice “Please, stop it”

“Stop what?” I looked at her with an innocent smile.

“Making out… Get a room instead” Patrick added and pulled himself away from us. My eyes widened. And so did Matty’s. What did my little son just say?!

“How do you two know these things, huh?” he asked surprised.

“Uncle Harry and Aunt Liv told us a lot of things” Patrick said looking back at us.

“What? When?” I asked shortly.

“Last week I guess” Tamara said “Ya know, when we were over to play with Darcy” she added. I didn’t know that a single afternoon spent with Liv’s and Harry’s daughter would mean this much. What a good idea it was…

“And what else did Uncle Harry and Aunt Liv tell you, kido?” Matty asked Pat with a curious smile.

“A lot” he answered “About how a baby is made, how much it takes to give birth…”
“Oh my God” I sighed. I’m gonna kill these two.

“Don’t worry, babe” Matty ran his hands all over my back to get me relaxed. Then he kept speaking to the kids “And hey. Why were you talking about these things?”
“I dunno” Patrick shook his shoulders “It all came with the question How do you know that you’re in love?” I had to admit, it was cute. But I’m still gonna kill them.

“Come here, kido” Matty grabbed Patrick’s shoulders and lifted him up, then dropped him into the water.

“Superwoman is coming! Don’t worry bro, I’ll save you!” Tamara cried out and she jumped in as well. God, I loved them so much.

“What was it?” Matty asked when both kids came up on the surface. He was pointing about one meter away from them.

“What? Didn’t see” Tamara was keep looking at the water that was still.

“I guess it was some fish” Patrick said with self-confidence. He was such a smart boy, just like his father [haha].

“Yeah, I’m sure it was” Matty nodded and grabbed Pat again. He threw him into the water while yelling “Get some fishes, kido!”

“Oh, you’re here too, princess?” he smiled as he saw Tamara standing next to him. As he said it, Tammy began to swim away but this time Matty way faster. He threw her into the water as well saying “C’mon, bring Daddy some fishes!”
I couldn’t handle it, I burst out laughing.
“You’re ridiculous” I laughed.

“That’s why you love me, beautiful” he swam towards me and kissed me all over again. But as soon as he let go of my lips, I could feel his large hands on my shoulder, pulling me underwater with himself.
“Daddy, stop!” I heard Tamara’s loud voice, even under the water.

“I’m coming to save ya, Mum!” Patrick added and I knew they would be right on Matty’s back in less than a second. And that was the time when the war started.