Auld Lang Syne

05/08/2013 18:51

              Matty's P.O.V.

Sophie and I were planning to spend the New Year’s Eve at her place- since her parents were supposed to be away. We agreed to invite Harry and Liv as well and we could have celebrated the first day of 2014 together. It would’ve been just a simple private party for us. Drinking some champagne, eating Chinese food and playing immature games.

                Now, here I was alone. Well, not totally alone. I was at a friend’s house party on New Year’s Eve with quite a lot of people around. The music was really loud, plenty of people were dancing all around and I still felt alone. Actually, Harry was here with me but about half an hour ago he got a call from his 17 years-old sister and had to leave to grab her and take her home. I was just standing in a corner holding my red cup in my hands and couldn’t stop thinking about Sophie.

“I should be there with her right now” I thought to myself and downed my cup that was filled with beer.

“But I can only blame myself. It’s my fault that I’m not celebrating with her. I was the dumb here” I kept on thinking about my damn actions. I hurt her and now I would give anything to change the past. But I can’t. We were practically taking a break- because I told her that she was not giving me enough space. What a dumbass movement was it from me?! Oh, my God. I can’t believe I did that. What the hell got into me?!
“Hey there, handsome” a voice came up from all of a sudden. I shook my head and got back to reality. There was a young and quite pretty girl standing in front of me, wrapping one of her hands around my neck. Just from the way she spoke I could tell that she was already wasted.

“You wanna play?” she asked me and slowly let her hands slide down on my shoulders and my chest. Her voice was irritating. I grabbed her hands and shook them off me.

“I have a girlfriend” I spoke up with confident. I knew it was not exactly true but I just wanted her to get away from me.

“It’s OK for me” she winked at me and took a step closer to me.

“But not for me. And you’ve drunk way too much. Guess you need some coffee” I told her and took her hand in mine. I walked her out to the kitchen and poured some coffee for her. I handed her the cup and waited as she downed it. We were sitting in the kitchen in silence for a few minutes.

“Thank you” she nodded “And.. Sorry for my behave” she apologized in a low voice.

“No problem, girl. Things can happen” I nodded and pressed my back to the fridge.

“Can I ask you something?” she asked me nicely.

“Where is your girlfriend?” she blushed at me.

“Well” I sighed “I screwed it up and now we’re not celebrating together” I told her while itching the back of my neck.
“Sorry about that” she put down her cup “She’s lucky to have you as her boyfriend, anyways”
“I am the lucky one here” I whispered, mostly just for myself. I just realized how much I missed her “I gotta go now”
“Go ahead, get her back!” she smiled at me and now she seemed to be absolutely kind.

“Right. And you-“ I winked at her “Don’t have any more shots!” and I just ran towards the front door grabbing my coat on the way and left.

                It was cold outside so I had to put on my scarf as well. I took a look at my watch as I was waiting at the bus station one block away from where I’ve been to the party. It was 23:44.

“Shit” I murmured to myself knowing that the next bus is gonna arrive in 6 minutes. And with that one I would definitely get to Sophie’s place long after midnight. I couldn’t afford it. I had to get there in time. I needed her so bad. What else to do, I called a cab. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait so much, it arrived in 2 minutes and the driver was really fast on the way to Sophie’s. At least until we got two blocks far from her. There we bumped into a horrible traffic jam and it didn’t seem like we could get keep moving.
“Well, thanks for the ride” I handed a 10 dollars bill to the driver and I was about to get out of the cab.

“I really hope you can catch your girl” he added before I shut the door.

“Thank you” I smiled at him. Was it that obvious? How did he know about my story? I haven’t told him a word. Whatever, I didn’t have any time to deal with that, it was already 23:56. I just took a look around to realize where I was and since I had nothing else to do, I began to run. Thousands of thoughts began to appear in my mind while I was running like it was do or die. I loved her so much and I didn’t wanna miss a chance to be with her. I knew how important this midnight kiss was for every girl- and now it became important to me as well. How the hell could I say a bad word for her? I didn’t really need any more time apart from her- things were going good just as they were, there was no need for a change. 23:58 and I was still one block away. As I was racing against the blowing wind I felt the snow slapping me in the face but I didn’t care. All I cared about was to get to her house in time. I wanted to feel her perfect lips pressing against mine, her soft hair between my fingers, her tiny hands on the back of my neck. Then suddenly a thought popped up in my head: What if she’s not even home?... What if she decided to go out tonight? But I already forgot this idea since Harry came to the party with me because Sophie wanted to be with Liv tonight. And knowing these two, they must be at home. At least, I was hoping so…

                The streets of Beverly Hills were covered with snow and ice but I just kept running. I had only one minute left and I could already see her residence. I loved every part of the huge house and I know every tiny place of it as well. But I had no time to think about how beautiful it looked with all of its lights. I only knew that I had to give all my strength to run until the front door. I could feel my cheeks turning red as the wind kept blowing into my face but I didn’t care. As soon as I reached the door I rang the bell and waited. I saw the lights turned on in the house which meant that someone was definitely at home. I could feel my heart beating faster as I saw a figure coming towards the glass door.
“Hi” I breathed out as I saw Liv standing in the doorstep looking at me with her I-could-kill-you gaze.

“Sophie?” she cried out to call my gorgeous girl, then she turned back towards me “If you hurt her next time, I won’t even let you in” she added whispering. I nodded and as she stepped out of my way and let me walk inside. I immediately saw Sophie standing next to the couch in the living room. She was beautiful- as always. She had jeans on with a white knitted sweater. Her hair lazily in a bun on the top of her head.

“Why are you-“ she was going to ask me but I left her no time but grabbed the back of her neck and pressed my lips against hers.
“…zero! Happy New Year, everyone!” I heard a woman’s voice coming from the TV. OMG, I did it! Though I could barely breathe, I made it in time.

“I’m sorry, babe” I whispered as I let go of her “I don’t need any more time apart from you”
 “You did hurt me, you know that?” she asked looking up into my eyes. Hell, of course I knew that.

“I know and I didn’t mean to. I don’t know what was wrong with me. The only thing I know is that I need you” I said brushing some hair out of her face and kissed her forehead.

“Next time it happens, I will-“ she began but I interrupted with a smile on my face.

“I know, Liv already told me about it. But I promise, there will be no next time” I assured her.

“Pinkie promise?” she asked with the same smile on her face. He held out her pinkie.
“Pinkie promise” I replied and hooked my pinkie with hers. I leant over a bit just to pull her in for another kiss. Oh God, how much I’ve missed her!
“Hello, lovebirds” Liv ruined out moment by waving at us “I’m happy you’re fine again. Now, champagne?” she handed us two glasses. We toasted “Cheers!” and downed our glasses.

“Well, I’m leaving you two alone now” Liv said putting on her coat.

“Where are you going?” Sophie asked surprised.
“To Harry’s. I suppose you wanna be alone now. I’m not needed” she winked at us. She said goodbye and left quite quickly.
                After a few minutes, Sophie and I were laying on the couch, watching ‘New Year’s Eve’ on TV eating Chinese food. I slowly wrapped my arm around her and held her as close to my body as possible.
“I love you to the moon and back” I whispered into her ears and gave a tiny kiss on her cheek.

“I love you too. Always have, always will” she whispered back and rested her head on my shoulder. In that very moment I knew I would never let her go again.